3 Bedroom Villa

The ideal Mediterranean climate is round a year where sunny summers and mild winters create the best conditions for complete comfort.

  • 26 km drive to the pearl of Cyprus - Kyrenia
  • 7 km drive to the largest golf course
  • 46 km drive to Ercan airport
  • 32 km drive to the Beshparmak mountains
  • 55 km drive to the ancient city of Famagusta
  • 5 km drive to Turtle Beach
  • 56 km drive to the capital Levkosha
  • 2.5 km drive to Esentepe village

The project is already under construction.

The construction company gives all the lease guarantees.
The best way to generate passive income is through short term rentals. Not many people like to bother with rentals. And for this there is a unique opportunity of GUARANTEED lease with a yield of 8-15% per annum. And also the customer can transfer his property to the full service of the management company, they will gladly do it for you.

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